Projects created on the land. They evoke the connection to the here and now; presence. The absolute. The only thing that is real, the present. Not the future and not the past. Breathe. Ah, now you’re living!

When we step into this we create works of architecture additive in nature. They are built UPON the land. Or, subtractive in nature as they build WITHIN the land. Architecture is never of a foreign strand or species, but always an extension of the land. A habitation of the land; a levelish land that can go up or down in relation to the earth.

Now, in the distance is that land without architecture? Yes, it is. Perhaps it is. I checked it out and: IT IS. And in this way we leave it be. We do not need to interfere with this. It already serves the person, the occupant- to have it as such.

In a scream I hear, “But we need another _____ and we certainly would like to have another ____.” And he sits in silence. A whisper is heard that says he has always been longing for a clean slate- unaltered land. Something to call his own that is devoid of superfluity.

However if there is a need for someone to take shelter, bath indoors, cook a meal inside protected from the elements, make love not under the stars... well, then it seems we need to create an enclosed space don’t we? Perhaps. And if we do this let us not forget it is the land again: for all that we build with architecture once came from the land.

-David Irwin, San Francisco 2017