"[The Terra Projects'] endeavors pair the artistic with the environment; the conceptual to the practical..."   –Interview with Stacey Severn, Community Manager Star Talk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson, 2015

Podcast Interview on HalfHourIntern.com, 1,500 unique downloads on the first day, January 2016

“…[The Terra Projects are] trying to change the world and help millions of people, and during the interview will tell us all about how and why.”

Interview with Star Talk Radio’s Stacy Severn, Op-Ed published on LiveScience.com , February 2015

“[rig] is what Irwin calls ‘anticipatory infrastructure' — architecture that uses sensors and the ‘internet of things’ as a way to provide information and responsive feedback to users based on what the environment is doing.”

Article, published on TakePart.com, February 2015

“The Terra Projects' dwelling could keep scientists on stable ground as ice sheets melt.”