The Terra Projects is a design studio based in California that creates idealized environments via sculpture and architecture. Commissioned Projects have been built in Munich, Germany; Manhattan, New York and San Francisco, California.

Founder David Irwin spent his summers cleaning up the beaches and fishing with his Dad on Long Island; the beginning of the conversation that bridges of the natural and man-made environments. His love for Graffiti and Hardcore coupled with in his entrepreneurial proclivities called him to attend Art School for Architecture.

In 2011 David observed that a research camp monitoring the world's fastest moving Glacier located in western Greenland, was not fairing well due to longer melt-periods. He then set out to design a new camp, one that works in concert with the changes occurring in these regions.

This project has brought him to meetings with personnel from the United States Antarctic Program, Lockheed Martin and CIRES as well as being part of The Explorers Club's Exploration Expo 2017. After only 5 months into the project it won the Best Final Thesis Project from his architectural alma mater, Pratt Institute.

Currently the project has fabrication partners that include matJack, the world's leading industrial lifting-bag manufacturer and is being prototyped at full-scale. This project aims to form into a non-profit who's mission is to deliver housing at no additional cost to researchers and explorers around the world.

The Terra Projects' work has been featured on and Dave has been interviewed by Stacey Severn from Neil DeGrasse Tyson's Star Talk Radio.

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